the Iron Hells

The Iron Hells has been revived!

After a far-too-long hiatus, I've revived the project with a focus on using Ogre and CEGUI for the interface. I've been working for the last few weeks to get something operational.

The program builds on Mac OS X using Xcode, and the build is nearly working on Linux. I don't have access to Visual C++ on Windows, so I'm slowly working with getting the build working in Dev-Cpp for that platform.

The Iron Hells is a variant of the classic rogue-like role-playing game Angband, with a few twists.

This project seeks to add an attractive, graphical interface with a full 3D environment, icons, sound and music. Ogre and Crazy Eddie's GUI are being used for the interface.

Eventually, modifications to the core game will be made, such as wilderness areas a la ZAngband, or T.o.M.E; new monsters and items; additional skills and abilities.

Anyone who wishes to become involved with the project, please contact me. I really need a graphic artist to help with designing and finishing the tilesets, models, and other imagery.

Supported Platforms

Any platform that supports Ogre and CEGUI and their libraries should work, but currently Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows are officially supported.


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News Items

  • 6 October 2004 - The project has been revived! 1.0 alpha 8 will be released soon!
  • 21 April 2003 - 1.0 alpha 6 released.
  • 20 April 2003 - Iron Hells builds again!
  • 8 April 2003 - 1.0 alpha 4 released.
  • 24 March 2003 - 1.0 alpha 3 released.
  • 19 March 2003 - 1.0 alpha 2 released.
  • 18 March 2003 - New developer items. 1.0 alpha 2 to be released soon.
  • 7 March 2003 - 1.0 alpha 1 released.

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